Sunday, May 5, 2013

Give Mom a "Little Bit of Luxury in the Bedroom" with SoffiaB!

The Secret Garden Luxury Robe ($995)-Imagine walking around moonlit grounds, a world of fantasy and dreams. Silky soft flannel lining envelopes the body, with delicate white, green and hint of purple floral luxury silk, entwined with rich foliage green, velvet contrast on this designer dressing gown.

SoffiaB founder Sophie Burkart has created a superior collection of robes and dressing gowns aimed at the luxury market, for those who want to look gorgeous and feel fabulous. SoffiaB takes its name from a hybrid of the founder’s first and last names. Fun fact: The name Sophie originates from Greece and means wisdom (coincidentally,  my name means wise in Gaelic), so perhaps some might say there is certain insight in the company’s aim to combine beauty with comfort.

The Ming Fling Luxury Robe ($995) - Sumptuous flannel lining encased by orient inspired ruby red patterned silk, deep midnight sapphire velvet accents the collar and cuffs, luxury and enchantment combined in this luxurious gown.

SoffiaB was founded in the UK, where they take their dressing gowns very seriously. There,  robes started as the article of clothing a lady or gentleman would wear to get up to take breakfast or to begin their evening ablutions {Brit speak for the ritual of washing the hands, body, etc}. Traditionally, a Gentleman’s robe was allowed to be worn outside the bedroom {which is where the smoking jacket morphed from}, but a lady’s was deemed to be confined to her boudoir.

The dressing gown eventually became an item of clothing that would be worn around the house that was acceptable to be seen in, and SoffiaB grew out of an obsession to find the perfect luxury robe, both stylish and comfortable, that could be worn both in and outside the bedroom.

The Citron Pastis Luxury Robe ($995) - Night-times in Paris, romantic walks up the Champs Elysees, wherever you are dreaming, encase yourself in batik inspired citron and charcoal luxury silk, draped with silver velvet and lined with flannel trés doux in this Citron Pastis Luxury Robe.

Influenced by the bold, rich fabrics and designs of the interior fabrics world, Sophie drew her inspiration from looking at curtains, cushions, sofas and wallpaper, transferring that aesthetic to a luxury dressing gown. She came up with a simple, elegant design but used printed silk to give each gown its vibrant, signature look while providing comfort and wear-ability with the luxury flannel lining.

Produced in New York’s Garment District {where they are known for their quality and attention to detail}, SoffiaB's dressing gowns are stylish, comfortable, neither too skimpy or homely, and are the ultimate gift of luxury lounge-wear. For example each SoffiaB gown includes two sash ties, French seams, soft lined pockets, laser cut labels and hand finished hems.

From SoffiaB founder, Sophie Burkart:

"In today’s lifestyle with the advent of lounge-wear it may seem the dressing gown or robe is unnecessary, but I think we need them even more, something that reminds us to slow down before bed, to take a little care getting up in the morning. We need to have a moment or two of pampering in a robe that seduces the wearer into comfort, to release the pressure of the hectic day or to calm us before we begin the rush of our daily lives! It gives me great pleasure to show you our luxury silk robes and dressing gowns and provide a sensual, physical experience. I know you will look gorgeous and feel fabulous wearing it around your abode, wherever it is."

The 3 gowns featured in this post {Secret Garden, Ming Fling, and Citron Pastis, as well as every other robe in the SoffiaB catalogue} feature:

• Outer 100% Printed Silk

• Accent Velvet 18% Silk, 82% Rayon

• Lining 100% luxury double napped, cotton flannel for comfort and movement

• Hand finished seams

• Sash Belts - one in velvet, one in silk print

• Sizes XS, S, M & L, generous fit

• 55” length from base of length to ensure ankle coverage

They each retail for $995, but just for you lovelies, Sophia has offered a fantastic $200 discount!  Just enter "MF200" at checkout to receive this exclusive discount, and gift the special lady in your life {even if that special lady is you} with a lovely bit of everyday luxury! Until next time...